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Read before opening your company.

Faixa sendo cortada

If you do a quick Google search on starting a business, realize that the vast majority of accounting firms claim that the process of starting a business in Brazil, and in this case we are talking about micro companies onwards, is a bureaucratic process and consequently slow. They also warn that "the business point must already be set up since the beginning of the registration process. This is necessary because the zoning of the city can prevent the exercise of activities in certain places and the inspection of regulatory bodies, such as firefighters and health surveillance, is done during the registration process, to finally have a business license", Before the process of set up the business point you must be aware of 3 processes that must exist before, they are:

  • The process of naming yout company, and with that you can move on to the next process which is;

  • Process of creating the company's visual identity, and I am not only talking about the company's logo but the image that the company wants to convey to its target audience. And finally, we have;

  • The company's architectural and/or interior design process, which will consolidate the image that the company wants to convey to the environment that will attract this target audience.

This initial process would be just as expensive and bureaucratic as the registration process if you had to worry about looking for and accompanying at least two companies to create your visual and architectural identity projects. But what if there was a place that solved all the needs of this initial process? from the name to the architectural and / or interior design, would you give preference to this place? I believe your answer is YES, and this will bring you the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction and optimization of your time avoiding having to deal with at least 2 companies to start the implementation of your business;

  • Avoid communication problems between companies in different market segments.

  • A company that acts in the creation of the name, visual identity and architectural design understands about all these subjects and consequently will deliver better results, in addition to being able to continue providing marketing and branding services, which are the next steps for your company to take off.


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