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What is visual identity and why your company needs it.

In order to talk about visual identity it is important to recover its historical origin. In summary, the visual identity emerged with the need for identification, to define the ownership of something to someone, or even someone to someone (iron-marked slaves), that is, in a more comprehensive way we can position the emergence of visual identity in the Age Ancient, where different populations naturally consolidated their own visual identity through coats of arms in addition to their distinct characteristics and culture. But the visual identity as we know it today became popular with the Industrial Revolution, in the emergence of the large-scale production process. It facilitated the identification of products and their origins, and was adapting to the needs of the new technological revolutions that emerged and started to have the function not only of identification but also of promotion.

Produtos Revolução Industrial

Nowadays the meaning of visual identity increases with the idea of ​​brand and transcends the visual spectrum, becoming the identity of a company, ranging from its visual representation to the way the company communicates internally, with its collaborators, or externally, with your customers. But why does your company need a visual identity?

  • Without visual identity your company will not exist outside the verbal scope;

  • The visual identity positions your company in the market, that is, puts it in the target of the desired public or niche market;

  • Facilitates the identification of your company and / or its products and differentiates them from competitors;

  • It fixes your brand in the minds of consumers and together with the management of your brand provides increased demand and customer loyalty and consequently bringing more profit to your company.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO EMPHASIZE THAT the person responsible for creating the visual identity is the GRAPHIC DESIGNER or a DESIGN OFFICE, STUDIO OR AGENCY or an advertising agency WITH a GRAPHIC DESIGN PROFESSIONAL in its staff. AVOID SITES THAT CREATE VISUAL IDENTITIES, the amount paid may be lower but consequently the commitment, of those who create, to deliver something that will really bring some result to your company is NULL. The creation of a visual identity is something COMPLEX and depends on several factors.

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